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ONE-PERSON SHOWS (selected): 


2018                 신형섭/ Retrojector, CR Collective, 서울

2016                  Mosquito Serenade, Gallery Ho, 서울

2015                  Object Matter, 싸롱 아터테인, 서울

2011                   Uprooted, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA

2005                  UPROOTED, Washington Square Windows, New York, NY

2004                  Artificial Mutations, Alpan Gallery, Huntington, NY

2002                  INSECTOPHOBIA, im n iL Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2001                  Me Tamorphosis, Washington Square Windows, New York, NY

1996                  HYUNGSUB SHIN,   BODA Gallery,   Seoul, Korea 





2015                 매향리 평화 예술제 (야외 설치), 매향리

2010                Jamaica Flux, Jamaica, NY 

2009               인천여성비엔날레, 인천

2008                Evergreen Biannual, The Johns Hopkins Univ., Boltimore, MD 

2007                안양 공공미술 프로젝트 2007, 안양

                         Merit Badge 2, Rockland Center for the Art, West Nyack, NY

2005                EAF05: Emerging Aatist Fellowship 05, The Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY

                         Summer Selections 2005, The Fields Sculpture Park (Art Omi), Ghent, NY





2016               OLD & NEW 法古創新 현대작가, 간송을 기리다

2013                Cell Mates, Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ

                        Plastic Memory, Gallery Korea (Korean Cultural Service Center), New York, NY

2012               Love Me, Benrimon Contemporary, New York, NY

                        Infinity of Stories, Gallery Ho, New York,NY   

                        Fractal Unity, Crossing Art, Flushin, NY

2010               Contained Excitement: pleasure of void, Cavin Morris Gallery, New York, NY

                        Dream, Love, Peace, WTC Montevideo and National Musuem of Visual Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay

                        Jack in the space, Dean Project Gallery, Queens, NY

2009               Plant body Animal body, Cavin Morris Gallery, New York, NY

                        Urban Biotic, Lumanhouse, Brooklyn, NY

2007               Unlikly Materials, Alpan Gallery, Huntington, NY

                        The Field, Jamaica Center for Arts Learning, Jamaica, NY

2006               New York Inturrupted, PKM Gallery Beijing, Beijing, China

                        Transboundary Experiences, spool mfg, Binghamton, NY

2004                ENDS & MEANS, Alpan Gallery, Huntington, NY

                         Green Light, Gallery Korea, New York, NY

2003                SF (soul of the future), Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

                         Linear Investigation, Alpan gallery, Huntington, NY

                         Dancing in the Dark / part II, Aljira a center for contemporary art, Newark, NJ

                         PASS.AGES.NOW, Gallery International, Baltimore, MD

                         Analog/Digital, City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, NJ

2002                 NextNext Visual Art, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Brooklyn, NY

                          SF(soul of the future),  Seoul Animation Center, Seoul,  Korea

                          Insecta Magnifica,   Wave Hill Glyndor Gallery,   Bronx, NY

2001                 DIS. EMBODY,   Korean Cultural Center,   Los Angeles, CA

                         Winter Wonderland,   Exit Art,   New York, NY

                         Open Studio Exhibition,   New Museum of Contemporary Art,    New York, NY

                         SPUNKY,   Exit Art,   New York, NY

                         Bugs!,   Anchorage Museum of History and Art,   Anchorage,  AK

                         Out of Hibernation,   im n iL Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2000                Amalgamated,   Star 67,   Brooklyn, NY, 

                          Millennium Bugs,   Islip Art Museum,   East Islip, NY, 

1999                 Rewrite, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY, 

                          Handmade Text II, INSA Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 

1998                 젊은모색, 국립현대미술관, 과천

1997                  Handmade Text I,   Wonseo Gallery,   Seoul, Korea 

                          이 작가를 주목한다, 동아갤러리, 서울


UNSITE (artist project group – 이원호, 이창훈, 신형섭)

2018                  인천 시청역 예술정거장 프로젝트

2017                  촉각적 원근법, 서울무용센터, 서울

                          OPEN-ROUNDING: 친숙한 그리고 낯설게, 대부도 문화공간 섬자리, 경기도

                          난지 10년 - Sema 난지미술창작스튜디오 아카이브전, 서울시립 미술관

2016                  SHOW

2015                  고양이 눈





2011                   Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant 2010

2002                  The New York Foundation for the Arts, INC.  New York Arts Recovery Fund           

                           Pollock-Krasner World Trade Center Emergency Grant

                           Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts Inc.

2001                  (t)here magazine (issue5), ‘6pages’ photo competition award

2000                  SEARCH FOR ART, Mandarina Duck Award finalist, Italy




2016                  서울 시립 미술관, 난지창작스튜디오, 서울

2013                  Artist Residency ‘In Making’, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Queens, NY

                          Artist Residency, Gallery Coohaus, New York, NY

2005                 ART OMI International artists Residency,  Ghent, NY

2002                 Aljira Emerge 2002 a professional development program for emerging artists , Newark, NJ

2001                  WORLD VIEWS, New York, NY

                          The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Artist-in-Residence Program at the World Trade Center




BFA       Feb. 1996              Hong-Ik University,   Seoul, Korea

MFA      May. 2000             School of VISUAL ARTS,   New York, NY

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